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Stu Connolly – Idea to Pitch

From Idea to Pitch with Stu Connolly

April 2016

Developing your animation concept into a pitchable product Featuring Stu Connolly from Sticky Pictures

We all have ideas, but the challenge lies in developing those ideas. Character development, artwork, scripts and even a pilot can all be part of a good pitch. Stu Connolly and Michael Drake will be running through his exploits in this field and offering real advice to fellow creators.
Past Events Podcast

David Webster Q and A

David Webster - Creative and Managing Director of Cheeky Little

December 2015

David’s career in animation spans 25 years. He founded Ambience Entertainment in 1991 successfully producing and directing several animated productions, most notably the long-­running television series Erky Perky.

Sydney Animation Production Group

Most animators have, in some part, a dream of creating their own production. Sitting down with a bunch of like minded creatives and coming up with an idea for an animated series or feature. The cherry on top would be that it can generate enough income to allow the production of more. Maybe you’re inspired by children’s TV like Pepper Pig or Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom? Or potentially you’d like to create something more along the lines of Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman or South Park? Or, are animated feature films your thing?

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