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Geoff Watson – Q and A

A Conversation with Executive Animation Producer Geoff Watson
24th July 2018

Geoff Watson on his career and maximising potential in Co-Productions

Geoff Watson is an animation producer with over 20 years experience. He was Managing Director of Yoram Gross when they made the transition to Flying Bark. Now he is an independent producer who’s latest productions were Sally Bollywood and Nate is Late.

Geoff candidly spoke to us about his rise in the industry and how partnering with other companies around the world(co-producing) has helped him push shows into production. He went through all the shows he has produced one by one and discussed how they were funded and any complications had during production. Questions were asked and answered throughout the whole talk.

This is an insight into the animation producing industry we rarely hear and we were very lucky to have Geoff talk to us.

A big thank you to all our sponsors and supporters.
Animation school AIE, Storm FX,  Autodesk Australia and Poke The Bear Animation.

Here’s the audio of the event:

Geoff Watson Q and A

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