Most animators have, in some part, a dream of creating their own production. Sitting down with a bunch of like minded creatives and coming up with an idea for an animated series or feature. The cherry on top would be that it can generate enough income to allow the production of more. Maybe you’re inspired by children’s TV like Pepper Pig or Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom? Or potentially you’d like to create something more along the lines of Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman or South Park? Or, are animated feature films your thing?

Well, everyone has ideas, and getting your idea on paper is one thing. Figuring out how you’re going to fund/sell your idea is a black art that not many people know how to do properly in Australia. And this is what I want to change.

It would be so amazing to see Sydney turn into a sort of Animation Mecca. The only way to make this happen is to empower artists with the tools that they need to get their ideas funded and into production.

Which, is where this group comes in. We formally get together every month or so, and convince/bribe some knowledgeable folk to come in and school us on the different topics of long form animation production. Including pre production, budgeting, script writing, funding etc…

There are a small number of studios in Sydney that already produce this type of animation and I’m sure the network we have on the dlf will help us find the knowledgeable people we need.

If you are, fill in the little form up top to go on a mailing list to be notified on event news. If you’d like to help organise or if you’re one of the aforementioned knowledgeable types that is happy to supply their expertise, send an email to

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